Use the vSphere Web Client to move the vRealize Log Insight nodes to a virtual machine folder for better organization and ease of management.

vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager deploys three vRealize Log Insight nodes: one master node and two worker nodes. Move them to a single VM folder to simplify management tasks.


  1. Log in to vCenter Server by using the vSphere Web Client.
    1. Open a Web browser and go to https://sfo01m01vc01.sfo01.rainpole.local/vsphere-client.
    2. Log in using the following credentials.



      User name




  2. From the Home menu, select VMs and Templates.
  3. Navigate to the sfo01m01vc01.sfo01.rainpole.local vCenter Server and expand the sfo01-m01dc data center.
  4. Click the VMs tab.
  5. Select the virtual machines sfo01vrli01a, sfo01vrli01b, and sfo01vrli01c.
  6. Click the Actions menu and select Move to....
  7. Under VM Folders, select sfo01-m01fd-vrli, and click OK.