Deploy the application virtual networks for the region.


  1. Log in to vCenter Server by using the vSphere Web Client.
    1. Open a Web browser and go to https://lax01m01vc01.lax01.rainpole.local/vsphere-client.
    2. Log in using the following credentials.
      Setting Value
      User name administrator@vsphere.local
      Password vsphere_admin_password
  2. Create a Universal Logical Switch for workloads specific to Region B.
    1. Under Inventories, click Networking & Security.
    2. In the Navigator, click Logical Switches.
    3. Select from the NSX Manager drop-down menu.
    4. Click the Add icon to create a new Logical Switch.
    5. In the New Logical Switch dialog box, enter the following settings, and click OK.
      Setting Value
      Name Mgmt-RegionB01-VXLAN
      Transport Zone Mgmt Universal Transport Zone
      Replication Mode Hybrid
  3. Connect the Mgmt-RegionB01-VXLAN to the sfo01m01udlr01 Universal Distributed Logical Router.
    1. On the Logical Switches page, select the Mgmt-RegionB01-VXLAN logical switch.
    2. Click the Connect Edge icon.
    3. On the Connect an Edge page, select sfo01m01udlr01 and click Next.
    4. On the Edit NSX Edge Interface page, enter the following settings and click Next.
      Setting Value
      Name Mgmt-RegionB01-VXLAN
      Type Internal
      Connectivity Status Connected
      Primary IP Address
      Subnet Prefix Length 24
    5. On the Ready to Complete page click Finish.
  4. Configure the MTU for the Logical Switches.
    1. In the Navigator, select NSX Edges.
    2. Double-click sfo01m01udlr01.
    3. Click the Manage tab and click Settings.
    4. On the Settings page, click on Interfaces
    5. Under Interfaces, select Mgmt-RegionB01-VXLAN, and click Edit.
    6. On the Edit Logical Router Interface, enter 9000 for the MTU, and click OK.