Connect vRealize Log Insight in Region B with vRealize Operations Manager to send alerts to vRealize Operations Manager.


  1. Log in to the vRealize Log Insight user interface.
    1. Open a Web browser and go to https://lax01vrli01.lax01.rainpole.local.
    2. Log in using the following credentials.
      Setting Value
      User name admin
      Password vrli_admin_password
  2. In the vRealize Log Insight user interface, click the configuration drop-down menu icon  and select Administration.
  3. Under Integration, click vRealize Operations.
  4. On the vRealize Operations Manager pane, configure the integration settings for vRealize Operations Manager.
    Setting Value
    Hostname vrops01svr01
    Username svc-vrli-vrops@rainpole.local
    Password svc-vrli-vrops_password
    Enable alerts integration Selected
    Enable launch in context Deselected
    Target lax01vrli01.lax01.rainpole.local
  5. Click Test Connection to validate the connection and click Save.
    A progress dialog box appears.
  6. Click OK to close the dialog.