Configure the NSX Manager for the management cluster and the NSX Manager for the shared edge and compute cluster to send audit logs and system events to vRealize Log Insight in Region B. 


  1. On the Windows host that has access to the data center, log in to the NSX Manager Web interface.
    1. Open a Web browser and go to following URL. 
      NSX Manager URL
      NSX Manager for the management cluster https://lax01m01nsx01.lax01.rainpole.local
      NSX Manager for the shared compute and edge cluster https://lax01w01nsx01.lax01.rainpole.local
    2. Log in using the following credentials.
      Setting Value
      User name  admin
      Password  nsx_manager_admin_password
  2. On the main page of the appliance user interface, click Manage Appliance Settings.
  3. Under Settings, click General, and in the Syslog Server pane, click Edit.
  4. In the Syslog Server dialog box, configure vRealize Log Insight as a syslog server by entering the following settings and click OK.
    Syslog Server Setting Value
    Syslog Server lax01vrli01.lax01.rainpole.local
    Port 514
    Protocol UDP
  5. Repeat the steps for the other NSX Manager instance.