A virtualization compute resource is a vRealize Automation object that represents an ESXi host or a cluster of ESXi hosts. When a group member requests a virtual machine, the virtual machine is provisioned on these compute resources. Create a compute resources according to the cluster setup in vSphere.

vRealize Automation regularly collects information about known compute resources and the virtual machines provisioned on them through the proxy agents.

Table 1. Design Decisions on the Compute Resource Configuration in vRealize Automation

Decision ID

Design Decision

Design Justification

Design Implication


Create at least one compute resource for each deployed region.

Each region has one shared edge and compute cluster and one compute resource is required for each such cluster.

If you add compute clusters, you must add them to the existing compute resource in their region, or you must use a new resource.


By default, compute resources are provisioned to the root of the compute cluster. In this design, the use of vSphere resource pools is mandatory.