Regions must be connected to each other. Connection types could be point-to-point links, MPLS, VPN Tunnels, etc. This connection is different according to your environment and is out of scope for this design.

The region interconnectivity design must support jumbo frames, and ensure that latency is less than 150 ms. For more details on the requirements for region interconnectivity see the Cross-VC NSX Design Guide.

Table 1. Design Decisions on Inter-Site Connectivity

Decision ID

Design Decision

Design Justification

Design Implications


Provide a connection between regions that is capable of routing between each cluster.

Configuring NSX for cross-vCenter to enable universal objects requires connectivity between NSX Manager instances, ESXi host VTEPs, and NSX Controllers to ESXi hosts management interface.

To support cross-region authentication, the vCenter Server and Platform Services Controller design requires a single vCenter Single Sign-On domain.

Portability of management and tenant workloads requires connectivity between regions.

You must use jumbo frames across the regions.


Ensure that the latency between regions is less than 150 ms.

A latency below 150 ms is required for the following features.

  • Cross-vCenter vMotion

  • The NSX design for the SDDC