The Cloud Management Platform (CMP) is the cloud management component of the SDDC. You use the CMP to provision workload to tenants in an automated way by using a self-service portal.

The cloud management layer includes the following components and functionality:

Figure 1. The Cloud Management Layer in the SDDC

The cloud management layer includes the Service Catalog, which contains the blueprints to be deployed, Orchestration which provides the workflows to get the catalog items deployed, and the Self-Service Portal that architects and architects use to configure provisioning of workloads for tenants.

Service Catalog

Provides a self-service portal where tenants can browse and request the IT services and resources they need, such a virtual machine on vSphere or on Amazon Web Services (AWS). You request a service catalog item to provision the item to the associated cloud environment.

Self-Service Portal

Provides a unified interface for configuring and consuming IT services. Users can browse the service catalog to request IT services and resources, track their requests, and manage their provisioned items.


Provides automated workflows to deploy service catalog items requested by tenants. You use the workflows to create and run automated, configurable processes to manage your SDDC infrastructure, and other VMware and third-party technologies.

vRealize Automation provides the self-service portal and the service catalog. The instance of vRealize Orchestrator that is embedded in the vRealize Automation appliance implements the Orchestration module.