Allocate host names and IP addresses to all components you deploy for the operations management layer of the SDDC according to this VMware Validated Design.

Allocate host names and IP addresses to the following components in Region A and configure DNS with an FQDN that maps to the IP address where defined:

Components Requires DNS Configuration
vSphere Update Manager Download Service X
vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager X
vRealize Operations Manager X
vRealize Log Insight X
Table 1. Host Names and IP Addresses for Operations Management Layer in Region A
Component Group Host Name DNS Zone IP Address Description
vSphere Update Manager sfo01umds01 sfo01.rainpole.local vSphere Update Manager Download Service (UMDS)
vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager vrslcm01svr01a rainpole.local vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager Appliance
vRealize Operations Manager vrops01svr01 rainpole.local VIP address of load balancer for the analytics cluster of vRealize Operations Manager
vrops01svr01a rainpole.local Master node of vRealize Operations Manager
vrops01svr01b rainpole.local Master replica node of vRealize Operations Manager
vrops01svr01c rainpole.local Data node 1 of vRealize Operations Manager
sfo01vropsc01a sfo01.rainpole.local Remote Collector 1 of vRealize Operations Manager
sfo01vropsc01b sfo01.rainpole.local Remote Collector 2 of vRealize Operations Manager
vRealize Log Insight sfo01vrli01 sfo01.rainpole.local VIP address of the integrated load balancer of vRealize Log Insight
sfo01vrli01a sfo01.rainpole.local Master node of vRealize Log Insight
sfo01vrli01b sfo01.rainpole.local Worker node 1 of vRealize Log Insight
sfo01vrli01c sfo01.rainpole.local Worker node 2 of vRealize Log Insight