The SDDC contains VMware products for network, storage, and cloud management. You can monitor and perform diagnostics on all of them in vRealize Operations Manager by using management packs.

Table 1. vRealize Operations Manager Management Packs in VMware Validated Design

Management Pack

Installed by Default

Management Pack for VMware vCenter Server


Management Pack for NSX for vSphere

Management Pack for vSAN


Management Pack for Storage Devices

Management Pack for vRealize Log Insight


Management Pack for vRealize Automation


Management Pack for vRealize Business for Cloud


Table 2. Design Decisions on the Management Packs for vRealize Operations Manager

Decision ID

Design Decision

Design Justification

Design Implication


Configure the following management pack adapter instances to use the remote collector group:

  • vCenter Server

  • NSX for vSphere

  • Storage Devices

  • vSAN

  • vRealize Log Insight

Provides local data collection of metrics from the management packs

The configuration of management packs in the ROBO is related to the management pack setup in the hub.