This dual-region design supports provisioning workloads across regions from the same portal using the same single-machine blueprints. A synchronization mechanism is required to have consistent templates across regions or across a hub and one or more ROBO sites. There are multiple ways to achieve synchronization, for example, by using vSphere Content Library or external services like vCloud Connector or vSphere Replication.

Table 1. Design Decision on Template Synchronization in vRealize Automation

Decision ID

Design Decision

Design Justification

Design Implication


This design uses vSphere Content Library to synchronize templates across the hub and the ROBO sites.

The vSphere Content Library is built in to vSphere and meets all the requirements to synchronize templates.

  • You must provision storage space in each ROBO.

  • vRealize Automation cannot directly consume templates from vSphere Content Library.

Figure 1. Template Synchronization

In this VMware Validated Design, when the user selects a blueprint, vRealize Automation clones a virtual machine template from a local vSphere content library