You can build your own vSAN cluster or choose from a list of vSAN ReadyNodes.

Build Your Own

Be sure to use hardware from the VMware Compatibility Guide for the following vSAN components:

  • Solid state disks (SSDs)

  • Magnetic hard drives (HDDs)

  • I/O controllers, including vSAN certified driver and firmware combinations 

Use VMware vSAN ReadyNodes

A vSAN ReadyNode is a validated server configuration in a tested, certified hardware form factor for vSAN deployment, jointly recommended by the server OEM and VMware. See the VMware Compatibility Guide. The vSAN ReadyNode documentation provides examples of standardized configurations, including the numbers of VMs supported and estimated number of 4K IOPS delivered.

As per design decision ROBO-PHY-004, this design uses vSAN ReadyNodes.