To implement the VMware Validated Design for Remote Office and Branch Office, your hardware must meet certain requirements.

Consolidated Workload Domain

When implementing the VMware Validated Design for Remote Office and Branch Office, the consolidated workload domain contains the consolidated cluster which must meet or exceed the following minimum requirements.

Table 1. Minimum Hardware Requirements for the ROBO Cluster


Minimum Requirement


Four vSAN ReadyNodes with hybrid (HY) profile

For information about vSAN ReadyNodes, see the VMware Compatibility Guide.

CPU per server

Dual-socket, 8 cores per socket

Memory per server

192 GB

Storage per server

  • 16 GB SSD for booting

  • 200 GB of Flash Device capacity for the caching tier

    • Class D Endurance

    • Class E Performance

  • 4 TB of magnetic HDD capacity for the capacity tier

    • 10K RPM

See Designing and Sizing a vSAN Cluster from the VMware vSAN documentation for guidelines about cache sizing.

NICs per server

  • Two 10 GbE NICs

  • One 1 GbE BMC NIC

Primary Storage Options

This design uses and is validated against vSAN as primary storage. However, in a workload domain you can use a supported storage solution that matches the requirements of your organization. Verify that the storage design supports the capacity and performance capabilities of the vSAN configuration in this design. Appropriately adjust the deployment and operational guidance.