After you complete the upgrade of vRealize Automation, upgrade vRealize Business to complete the upgrade of the cloud management layer to VMware Validated Design 4.3.

Table 1. vRealize Business Nodes in the SDDC



IP Address

Fully Qualified Domain Name

Region A

vRealize Business Server


vRealize Business Data Collector


Region B

vRealize Business Data Collector



  • Download the vRealize BusinessvRealize-Business-for-Cloud-7.4.0.xxxx-build_number-updaterepo.iso upgrade file to a shared datastore.

    If you have space on an NFS datastore, upload the upgrade file to the NFS datastore to save space on your vSAN datastore. You can then mount the .iso upgrade file to the vRealize Business for Cloud virtual appliances from the vSphere Web Client.

  • Verify that current backups of the vRealize Business virtual appliances exist.

What to do next

  • Verify that vRealize Business for Cloud functions are operational.