Transport zones determine which hosts can participate in the use of a particular network. A transport zone identifies the type of traffic, VLAN or overlay, and the N-VDS name. You can configure one or more transport zones. A transport zone does not represent a security boundary.

Table 1. Transport Zones Design Decisions

Decision ID

Design Decision

Design Justification

Design Implications


Create a single transport zone for all overlay traffic.

Ensures all Segments are available to all ESXi hosts and edge virtual machines configured as Transport Nodes.



Create a VLAN transport zone for ESXi host VMkernel ports.

Enables the migration of ESXi host VMkernel ports to the N-VDS.

The N-VDS name must match the N-VDS name in the overlay transport zone.


Create two transport zones for edge virtual machine uplinks.

Enables the edge virtual machines to use equal-cost multi-path routing (ECMP).

You must specify a VLAN range, that is use VLAN trunking, on the segment used as the uplinks.