Deployment of VMware NSX-T for Workload Domains is updated with each release of the product or when necessary.

This table provides the update history of the Deployment of VMware NSX-T for Workload Domains.



13 SEP 2019 Set the Service Certificate setting to No when you import the certificate for the virtual IP address of the NSX-T Manager cluster. See Import the CA-Signed Certificates for the NSX-T Manager Cluster.
06 JUN 2019

To ensure that BGP peering between an NSX-T Edge node and the upstream Layer 3 devices is directed only on one of the N-VDS uplinks, add new teaming policies to the ESXi uplink profile and connect each uplink segment to a single physical network adapter. See Create Uplink Profiles and the Network I/O Control Profile and Create the NSX-T Segments for System, Uplink, and Overlay Traffic.

02 MAY 2019

19 MAR 2019

Initial release.