The Skyline Collector instance in the region sends product analytics data to VMware Cloud Services for analysis and proactive support. To enable registration of your Skyline Collector instances with VMware Cloud Services, first create an organization on VMware Cloud Services.


  1. Log in to the getting started page of VMware Skyline.
    1. Open a Web browser and go to
    2. Click Get started.
    3. Log in by using the following credentials.
      Setting Value
      User name Email address registered with My VMware
      Password Password for My VMware
  2. Click Create Your First Organization.
  3. On the Set up your organization page, enter settings for your organization and click Continue.



    Organization Name

    Name of your organization on VMware Cloud Services

    Organization Address


    Country of your organization


    Address of your organization


    City where organization is located


    State where your organization is located

    Zip/Postal Code

    Zip code of your organization's location

    I agree to the VMware Cloud Services Terms of Service



After you create the Organization on VMware Cloud Services, the Associate Support Entitlement to Skyline page opens.