The cluster uses a single vSphere distributed switch whose design includes traffic types on the switch, the number of required NICs, jumbo frames configuration, port groups settings, and Network I/O Control settings.

Table 1. Virtual Switch for the Consolidated Cluster
vSphere Distributed Switch Name Function Network I/O Control Number of Physical NIC Ports MTU
  • ESXi Management
  • Management VMs
  • vSAN
  • vSphere vMotion
  • VXLAN Tunnel Endpoint (VTEP)
  • Uplinks (2) for ECMP
  • Secondary Storage
Enabled 2 9000
Table 2. Configuration Settings of the Management Port Group
Parameter Setting
Failover detection Link status only
Notify switches Enabled
Failback Yes
Failover order Active uplinks: Uplink1, Uplink2
Figure 1. Network Switch Design for ESXi Hosts

Consolidated Cluster Distributed Switch for Consolidated SDDC

Table 3. Virtual Switch by Physical and Virtual NICs
vSphere Distributed Switch vmnic Function
sfo01-w01-vds01 0 Uplink
sfo01-w01-vds01 1 Uplink
Note: The following VLANs are samples. Your actual implementation depends on your environment.
Table 4. Virtual Switch Port Groups and VLANs
vSphere Distributed Switch Port Group Name Teaming Policy Active Uplinks VLAN ID
sfo01-w01-vds01 sfo01-w01-vds01-management Route based on physical NIC load 0,1 1631
sfo01-w01-vds01 sfo01-w01-vds01-management-vm Route based on physical NIC load 0,1 1611
sfo01-w01-vds01 sfo01-w01-vds01-vmotion Route based on physical NIC load 0,1 1632
sfo01-w01-vds01 sfo01-w01-vds01-vsan Route based on physical NIC load 0,1 1633
sfo01-w01-vds01 Auto Generated (NSX VTEP) Route based on SRC-ID 0,1 1634
sfo01-w01-vds01 sfo01-w01-vds01-storage (optional) Route based on physical NIC load 0,1 1625
sfo01-w01-vds01 sfo01-w01-vds01-uplink01 Route based on originating virtual port 0 1635
sfo01-w01-vds01 sfo01-w01-vds01-uplink02 Route based on originating virtual port 1 2713
Table 5. VMkernel Adapters
vSphere Distributed Switch Network Label Connected Port Group Enabled Services MTU
sfo01-w01-vds01 Management sfo01-w01-vds01-management Management Traffic 1500 (Default)
sfo01-w01-vds01 vMotion sfo01-w01-vds01-vmotion vMotion Traffic 9000
sfo01-w01-vds01 vSAN sfo01-w01-vds01-vsan vSAN 9000
sfo01-w01-vds01 VTEP Auto-generated (NSX VTEP) - 9000
sfo01-w01-vds01 Storage sfo01-w01-vds01-storage (optional) - 9000

For more information on the physical network design specifications, see Physical Networking Design for Consolidated SDDC.