vRealize Log Insight supports alerts that trigger notifications about its health and about the health of monitored solutions.

Alert Types

The following types of alerts exist in vRealize Log Insight:

System Alerts
vRealize Log Insight generates notifications when an important system event occurs, for example, when the disk space is almost exhausted and vRealize Log Insight must start deleting or archiving old log files.
Content Pack Alerts
Content packs contain default alerts that can be configured to send notifications. These alerts are specific to the content pack and are disabled by default.
User-Defined Alerts
Administrators and users can define their own alerts based on data ingested by vRealize Log Insight.

vRealize Log Insight handles alerts in two ways:

  • Send an e-mail over SMTP.
  • Send to vRealize Operations Manager.

SMTP Notification

Enable e-mail notification for alerts in vRealize Log Insight.

Table 1. Design Decision on SMTP Alert Notification for vRealize Log Insight
Decision ID Design Decision Design Justification Design Implication
SDDC-OPS-LOG-009 Enable alerting over SMTP. Enables administrators and operators to receive alerts by email from vRealize Log Insight. Requires access to an external SMTP server.