The IaaS Proxy Agent in vRealize Automation communicates with endpoints of a certain type of infrastructure. In this design, you use a vSphere Proxy Agent to communicate with vCenter Server. Consider the number of instances according to the design objectives and the sizing for them.

The IaaS Proxy Agent server provides the following functions:

  • An IaaS proxy agent can interact with different types of infrastructure components.

  • To provision and manage virtual machines, the proxy agent sends requests for resource virtualization to the hypervisor, that is, to vSphere.

    Proxy agents collect data, such as virtual machine data, from the hypervisors.

Table 1. Resource Requirements for vSphere Proxy Agent per Virtual Machine






8 GB



Local drives


vRealize Automation functions

vSphere Proxy Agent

Operating system

Microsoft Windows Server 2016

Table 2. Design Decisions on the vRealize Automation IaaS Proxy Agent

Decision ID

Design Decision

Design Justification

Design Implication


Deploy two vRealize Automation IaaS Proxy Agent virtual machines.

Provides redundancy for vSphere connectivity.

You must provide more resources because you deploy multiple virtual machines for this function.