The VMware vSphere Storage APIs - Array Integration (VAAI) supports a set of ESXCLI commands for enabling communication between ESXi hosts and storage devices. Using this API/CLI has several advantages.

The APIs define a set of storage primitives that enable the ESXi host to offload certain storage operations to the array. Offloading the operations reduces resource overhead on the ESXi hosts and can significantly improve performance for storage-intensive operations such as storage cloning, zeroing, and so on. The goal of hardware acceleration is to help storage vendors provide hardware assistance to speed up VMware I/O operations that are more efficiently accomplished in the storage hardware.

Without the use of VAAI, cloning or migration of virtual machines by the VMkernel data mover involves software data movement. The data mover issues I/O to read and write blocks to and from the source and destination datastores. With VAAI, the data mover can use the API primitives to offload operations to the array when possible. For example, when you copy a virtual machine disk file (VMDK file) from one datastore to another inside the same array, the data mover directs the array to make the copy completely inside the array. If you invoke a data movement operation and the corresponding hardware offload operation is enabled, the data mover first attempts to use hardware offload. If the hardware offload operation fails, the data mover reverts to the traditional software method of data movement.

Hardware data movement performs better than software data movement. It consumes fewer CPU cycles and less bandwidth on the storage fabric. Timing operations that use the VAAI primitives and use esxtop to track values such as CMDS/s, READS/s, WRITES/s, MBREAD/s, and MBWRTN/s of storage adapters during the operation show performance improvements.

Table 1. Design Decision on the Integration of vStorage APIs for Array

Decision ID

Design Decision

Design Justification

Design Implication


Select an array that supports vStorage APIs for Array Integration (VAAI) over NAS (NFS).

  • VAAI offloads tasks to the array itself, enabling the ESXi hypervisor to use its resources for application workloads and not become a bottleneck in the storage subsystem.
  • VAAI is required to support the desired number of virtual machine lifecycle operations.

Not all arrays support VAAI over NFS. For the arrays that support VAAI, to enable VAAI over NFS, you must install a plug-in from the array vendor .