VMware Validated Design supplies the prescriptive guidance to update and upgrade the SDDC management products according to an upgrade validation policy.

Updates That Are Validated by VMware Validated Design

VMware Validated Design follows a set of lifecycle management principles for the SDDC.

Might impact the SDDC design and implementation, ensures the interoperability, and introduces new features, functionality, and bug fixes.
Does not impact the SDDC design and implementation, includes bug fixes and ensures interoperability.

The upgrade of a VMware Validated Design provides a prescriptive path between each release where, unless specific express patches or hot fixes are required for an environment, a deviation is not supported.

Updates That Are Not Validated by VMware Validated Design

Scalability and functional tests for individual patches, express patches, or hot fixes are not typically performed against a VMware Validated Design. If a patch must be applied to your environment, follow the VMware published practices and VMware Knowledge Base articles for the specific patch. If an issue occurs during or after the process of applying a patch, contact VMware Technical Support.