Continue upgrading the VMware Validated Design from the previous version by upgrading the cloud management layer. In the cloud management layer, you begin the upgrade with vRealize Business as it connects to the rest of the cloud management layer components.

Table 1. vRealize Business Nodes in the SDDC



IP Address

Fully Qualified Domain Name

Region A

vRealize Business Server


vRealize Business Data Collector


Region B

vRealize Business Data Collector



  • Verify that the vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager virtual appliance is: connected to the Internet, is registered with the My VMware portal, and that your account for My VMware has sufficient permissions to download vRealize Business from your entitlement account.

  • Verify that you have privileges in the vSphere Web Client to pause the replication task of vRealize Business.

  • Review the release notes of the vRealize Business version in this validated design

What to do next

  • After the upgrade, verify that vRealize Business functions are operational. See Verification of vRealize Business for Cloud in the VMware Validated Design Operational Verification documentation.