Create a custom group for all management applications to monitor the health of the entire application stack as opposed to the individual virtual machine health.


  1. In a Web browser, log in to vRealize Operations Manager by using the operations interface.
    Setting Value
    URL https://vrops01svr01.rainpole.local
    User name admin
    Password vrops_admin_password
  2. On the main navigation bar, click Environment and click the Custom groups tab.
  3. On the Custom groups tab, click the Add icon to add a custom group.

    The New group dialog box opens.

  4. In the Name text box, enter SDDC Management.
  5. From the Group type drop-down menu, select Function.
  6. Expand the Define membership criteria section.
  7. To add the vRealize Automation objects, from the Select the object type that matches all of the following criteria drop-down menu, select vRealize Automation Adapter > vRealize Automation MP Instance.
  8. Click Add another criteria set and repeat Step 7 to add each of the following object types for the remaining management applications in the SDDC.
    • vRBC Adapter > vRBC Adapter Instance

    • vCenter Adapter > vSphere World

    • NSX-vSphere Adapter > NSX-vSphere Environment

  9. Expand the Objects to always include section.
  10. Add the following application objects.
    1. Under Filtered objects, select Applications.
    2. Select vRealize Log Insight, to add the application objects to the Objects to always include list on the right, click the Add button.
    3. Add the rest of the application objects.
      • Site Recovery Manager

      • vRealize Log Insight

      • vRealize Operations Manager

      • vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager

      • vSphere Replication

      • vSphere UMDS

      • Backup Solution

  11. Click OK.