To orchestrate the deployment, patching, upgrade, and configuration drift analysis of the vRealize products in the SDDC, vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager communicates with each Management vCenter Server instance in the SDDC.

vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager consists of a single virtual appliance that deploys and upgrades the vRealize components across the virtual infrastructure that is controlled by one or more vCenter Server instances.

Figure 1. Logical Design of vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager for Consolidated SDDC

The vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager setup consists of one virtual appliance that controls the life cycle of the vRealize components in the Consolidated SDDC.

vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager operates with the following elements and components:



Product Support

  • Product binaries for install and upgrade

    (.ova, .pak, .iso, .pspak)

  • Patch binaries

My VMware

  • Product entitlement

  • Product downloads

  • Product licensing

VMware Marketplace

  • Marketplace content download and compatibility

  • vRealize Log Insight content packs

  • vRealize Operations Manager management packs

  • vRealize Automation blueprints

  • vRealize Orchestrator workflow packages

  • Packaged virtual appliances

Data Center

  • Geographic location (optional)

  • vCenter Server instances


Product deployment