The VMware Validated Design Planning and Preparation documentation provides detailed information about the software, tools, and external services that are required to implement a Standard Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC). In a Standard SDDC, management and tenant workloads run in different workload domains.

Before you start deploying the components of this VMware Validated Design™, you must set up an environment that has a specific compute, storage, and network configuration, and that provides services to the components of the SDDC. Carefully review the VMware Validated Design Planning and Preparation documentation ahead of deployment to avoid costly rework and delays.

Intended Audience

The VMware Validated Design Planning and Preparation documentation is intended for cloud architects, infrastructure administrators, and cloud administrators who are familiar with and want to use VMware software to deploy in a short time and manage an SDDC that meets the requirements for capacity, scalability, backup and restore, and extensibility for disaster recovery support.

Required VMware Software

The VMware Validated Design Planning and Preparation documentation is compliant and validated with certain product versions. See VMware Validated Design for Software-Defined Data Center Release Notes for more information about supported product versions.

Before You Apply This Guidance

The sequence of the documentation of VMware Validated Design follows the stages for implementing and maintaining an SDDC. See Documentation Map for VMware Validated Design.

To use VMware Validated Design Planning and Preparation, you must be acquainted with the following guidance:

  • Introducing VMware Validated Designs

  • Optionally, VMware Validated Design Architecture and Design

Update History

VMware Validated Design Planning and Preparation is updated with product releases or when necessary.

Revision Description
17 SEP 2020 The destinations for the Active Directory service accounts now include the specific Active Directory domains. See Active Directory User Accounts.
24 AUG 2020 At VMware, we value inclusion. To foster this principle within our customer, partner, and internal community, we are replacing some of the terminology in our content. We have updated this guide to remove instances of non-inclusive language.
19 DEC 2019 Added information about supported Active Directory versions. See External Services Overview.
12 SEP 2019 Added information about the Active Directory computer objects that you must add for the vRealize Automation IaaS virtual machines. See Active Directory Computer Objects.
18 JUL 2019 Initial Release