The Architecture and Design for Backup and Restore documentation contains a detailed design for using the native component backup features in combination with a vSphere Storage API - Data Protection (VADP) solution for performing backup and restore of the management components in the Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC).

After you deploy the VMware Validated Design™ for Software-Defined Data Center, backing up management components ensures that you can keep your environment operational if a data loss or failure occurs. You implement backups to prepare for:

  • A critical failure of any management component

  • An upgrade of any management component

  • A certificate update of any management component

You take the following backup types:

  • Scheduled backups, which ensure that at any given point in time, you can restore from a recent backup.

  • Manual backups before a system update, which ensure that if the operation is unsuccessful, you can restore to a point in time immediately before the operation.

  • Manual backups after a recovery of a failed part of the system.

Intended Audience

Architecture and Design for Backup and Restore is intended for cloud architects, infrastructure administrators, cloud administrators, and cloud operators who are familiar with and want to use VMware software features and a vSphere Storage API - Data Protection (VADP) solution to back up and restore the SDDC management components.

Required Software

In addition to the VMware Validated Design SDDC deployment, you must download and install a tool for backing up and restoring your SDDC. When choosing your backup tool, verify that the tool includes the following features:

  • vSphere Storage API - Data Protection (VADP) compliance

  • Availability of file-level backup agents

  • Ability to restore directly to a VMware ESXi™ host when the VMware vCenter Server® instance is unavailable

  • Optionally, ability to back up OVF properties of virtual machines and appliances

  • Compatibility with the software versions deployed in your SDDC. See VMware Validated Design 6.0.1 Release Notes and VMware Cloud Foundation 4.0.1 Release Notes.

You must also install and configure an SFTP server as the backup target for the file-based backups.

Before You Apply This Guidance

To use Architecture and Design for Backup and Restore, you must be acquainted with the following guidance:

  • Introducing VMware Validated Designs

  • Architecture and Design for the Management Domain

  • Optionally, Architecture and Design for a Virtual Infrastructure Workload Domain or Architecture and Design for a vSphere with Kubernetes Workload Domain

  • Optionally, Architecture and Design for Cloud Operations and Automation

  • See Documentation Map for VMware Validated Design.

    The same requirement applies if you are following the VMware Cloud Foundation documentation to deploy the operations and automation solutions. See the VMware Cloud Foundation documentation.