The Deployment of Cloud Operations and Automation in the First Region provides step-by-step instructions for adding and connecting the VMware vRealize® Suite products to Region A of Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) deployment of VMware Validated Design™.

Intended Audience

This design is intended for cloud architects, infrastructure administrators, and cloud administrators who are familiar with and want to use VMware software to automate and monitor an SDDC that is deployed according to VMware Validated Design. The information is written for experienced Windows or Linux system administrators who are familiar with virtual machine technology and datacenter operations.

Required VMware Software

Deployment of Cloud Operations and Automation in the First Region is compliant and validated with certain product versions. See VMware Validated Design Release Notes.

Before You Apply This Guidance

The sequence of the documentation of VMware Validated Design follows the stages for implementing and maintaining an SDDC.

To deploy the SDDC operations and automation solutions by following the prescriptive path of VMware Validated Design, your environment must have a certain configuration. To apply Deployment of Cloud Operations and Automation in the First Region, you must:
  • Complete the Planning and Preparation Workbook with your deployment options included.
  • Deploy a single-region SDDC management domain. See Deployment of the Management Domain in the First Region.
  • Optionally, deploy one or more SDDC workload domains. See Deployment of a Virtual Infrastructure Workload Domain in the First Region or Deployment of a vSphere with Kubernetes Workload Domain in the First Region.
  • Optionally, read Architecture and Design for Cloud Operations and Automation.

See Documentation Map for VMware Validated Design.

The same requirement applies if you are following the VMware Cloud Foundation documentation to deploy the operations and automation solutions. See the VMware Cloud Foundation documentation.

Update History

This Deployment of Cloud Operations and Automation in the First Region is updated with each release of the product or when necessary.

Revision Description
14 JUL 2021 The custom role for vRealize Automation to vSphere integration now includes the Profile-driven storage view privilege. See Define Custom User Roles in vSphere for vRealize Automation in Region A.
18 FEB 2021 If you are using an intermediate certificate authority for the load balancer certificate, you must verify the structure of the PEM file. See Import the Load Balancer Certificate of the Cross-Region Workspace ONE Access Cluster in NSX-T Data Center in Region A.
03 NOV 2020
01 OCT 2020 The vRealize Automation to vSphere Integration role now includes privileges for vSphere tagging, datastore low level file operations, and vApp application configuration. See Define Custom User Roles in vSphere for vRealize Automation in Region A.
28 SEP 2020 The Tier-1 gateway name is now sfo-m01-ec01-t1-lb01, and the load balancer name is now sfo-m01-lb01. See Create a Standalone Tier-1 Gateway for the Load Balancer and Enable the Load Balancer Service on the Tier-1 Gateway in Region A.
18 SEP 2020 At VMware, we value inclusion. To foster this principle within our customer, partner, and internal community, we are replacing some of the terminology in our content. We have updated this guide to remove instances of non-inclusive language.
13 AUG 2020 The vRealize Suite Lifeclycle implementation now includes updating the Management domain vCenter Server in the region-specific data center to use the dedicated service account for the deployment of the region-specific components. See Configure Data Centers and vCenter Server in vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager in Region A.
08 JUL 2020 The vRealize Automation implementation now includes an NTP configuration. See Configure NTP on the vRealize Automation Cluster.
25 JUN 2020
  • The content is now updated for the VMware Validated Design 6.0.1 release.
  • The YAML code for the sample blueprint now does not include the default:null options. See Configure Sample Blueprint in Region A.
02 JUN 2020 The network profile configuration procedure for vRealize Automation now contains the a new step to configure the development network segments. See Configure Network Profiles for Region A.
26 MAY 2020
15 MAY 2020
28 APR 2020
21 APR 2020
14 APR 2020 Initial release.