You create a server pool for the cross-region Workspace ONE Access cluster nodes in NSX-T Data Center. The server pool determines the load balancing algorithm and combines resources from the pool members.

You add the three Workspace ONE Access cluster nodes as members of the server pool.
Name IP Address


  1. In a Web browser, log in to NSX-T Manager for the Management domain by using the user interface.
    Setting Value
    User name admin
    Password nsx-t_admin_password
  2. On the main navigation bar, click Networking.
  3. In the navigation pane, click Load balancing, click the Server pools tab, and click Add server pool.
    The Add new server pool wizard opens.
  4. On the General properties page, configure the settings.
    Setting Value
    Name wsa-server-pool
    Description Cross-Region Workspace ONE Access Server Pool
    Algorithm Least Connection
    Translation mode Automap
  5. Click Select members.
  6. On the Configure server pool members page, click Add member, configure the settings, click Save, and click Apply.
    Setting Value for xreg-wsa01a Value for xreg-wsa01b Value for xreg-wsa01c
    Name xreg-wsa01a xreg-wsa01b xreg-wsa01c
    Port 443 443 443
    Weight 1 1 1
    State Enabled Enabled Enabled
    Backup member Disabled Disabled Disabled
    Maximum concurrent connections - - -
  7. Click Set Monitors, on the Select health monitors page, select wsa-https-monitor, and click Apply..
  8. On Server Pool page, click Apply.