The Introducing VMware Validated Design document provides guidance on using the content of VMware Validated Design™ for Software-Defined Data Center. The guide also contains a high-level overview of the Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) design that is supported in this VMware Validated Design version.

Introducing VMware Validated Design includes the following information:

  • Design objectives

  • Deployment flow of the SDDC management components

  • Document structure and purpose

  • SDDC high-level overview

Intended Audience

Introducing VMware Validated Design is intended for cloud architects, infrastructure administrators, cloud administrators, and cloud operators who want to become familiar with VMware Validated Design to deploy and manage an SDDC that meets the requirements for capacity and scalability.

Supported VMware Cloud Foundation Version

Introducing VMware Validated Design is compatible with VMware Cloud Foundation™4.2.

Required VMware Software on VMware Cloud Foundation

Introducing VMware Validated Design is compliant and validated with product versions that are part of the bill materials of VMware Cloud Foundation, and with certain VMware Workspace ONE Access and vRealize Suite product versions. For more information about supported product versions, see VMware Validated Design Release Notes.

Update History

This Introducing VMware Validated Design is updated with each release of the product or when necessary.

Revision Description
30 MAR 2021 This release of VMware Validated Design now includes guidance on cloud operations and automation solutions for a dual-region SDDC. See Deployment Workflow for a Multi-Region SDDC, Cloud Operations Layer, and Cloud Automation Layer.
09 FEB 2021 Initial releases.