The shared edge and workload cluster in the workload domain uses a single vSphere Distributed Switch with two physical network cards whose design includes traffic types on the switch, the number of required NICs, and MTU configuration.

VMware Validated Design also supports up to three distributed switches and up to six physical network cards per host.

Table 1. sfo-w01-cl01-vds01 vSphere Distributed Switch Configuration

Number of Physical NIC Ports

Network I/O Control

MTU Size



9,000 bytes

Table 2. Physical Uplinks on sfo-w01-cl01-vds01 vSphere Distributed Switch

Physical NIC






Table 3. Design Decisions for vSphere Distributed Switch

Design ID

Design Decision

Design Justification

Design Implication


Configure the MTU size of the vSphere Distributed Switch to 9,000 for jumbo frames.

  • Supports the MTU size required by system traffic types.

  • Improves traffic throughput.

When adjusting the MTU packet size, you must also configure the entire network path (VMkernel ports, virtual switches, physical switches, and routers) to support the same MTU packet size.