Compute and storage requirements for each component are key considerations when you consider how to size for the solution.

You size the compute and storage requirements for the vSphere with Tanzu management workloads, Tanzu Kubernetes Cluster management workloads, NSX-T Edge nodes, and tenant workloads deployed in either the Supervisor Cluster or a Tanzu Kubernetes Grid cluster.

Table 1. Compute and Storage Resource Requirements for vSphere with Tanzu

Virtual Machine


Total vCPUs

Total Memory

Total Storage

Supervisor Cluster control plane

(small nodes - up to 2000 pods per Supervisor cluster)



48 GB

200 GB

Registry Service



7 GB

200 GB

Tanzu Kubernetes Cluster control plane (small nodes)

3 (per cluster)


12 GB


Tanzu Kubernetes Cluster worker nodes (small nodes)

3 (per cluster)


12 GB

48 GB

VMware NSX-T Edge node



64 GB

400 GB

Table 2. Design Decisions on Sizing the Tanzu Kubernetes Cluster for vSphere with Tanzu

Decision ID

Design Decision

Design Justification

Design Implication


Deploy the Tanzu Kubernetes Cluster with a minimum of three control plane nodes.

Deploying three control plane nodes ensures the state of your Tanzu Kubernetes Cluster control plane stays healthy in the event of a node failure.



Deploy the Tanzu Kubernetes Cluster with a minimum of three worker nodes.

Deploying three worker nodes provides a higher potential level of availability of your workloads deployed to the Tanzu Kubernetes Cluster.

You must configure your tenant workloads to take advantage of the additional worker nodes in the Tanzu Kubernetes Cluster to provide high availability on an application-level.


Deploy the Tanzu Kubernetes Cluster with small-size nodes for control plane and workers.

Deploying the Tanzu Kubernetes Cluster control plane and worker nodes as small-size appliances meets the scale requirements for most deployments.

If your scale requirements are higher than what small-nodes deployment can provide, you must deploy appliances that can handle that level of scale or split the workload to multiple Tanzu Kubernetes Clusters.

The size of the Tanzu Kubernetes Cluster nodes impacts the scale of a given cluster. If you must add a node to a cluster, consider the use bigger nodes.