vRealize Operations Manager tracks and analyzes the operation of multiple data sources in the SDDC by using specialized analytic algorithms. These algorithms help vRealize Operations Manager learn and predict the behavior of every object it monitors. Users access this information by using views, reports, and dashboards.

Architecture Overview

vRealize Operations Manager contains functional elements that collaborate for data analysis and storage, and support creating clusters of nodes with different roles. 

Figure 1. vRealize Operations Manager Architecture

The high-level architecture of a vRealize Operations Manager deployment includes a primary node, primary replica node, data node, and remote collector.

Types of Nodes

For high availability and scalability, you can deploy several vRealize Operations Manager instances in a cluster to track, analyze, and predict the operation of monitored systems. Cluster nodes can have either of the following roles:

Primary node

Required initial node in the cluster. In large-scale environments, the primary node manages all other nodes. In small-scale environments, the primary node is the single standalone vRealize Operations Manager node.

Primary replica node

Optional. Enables high availability of the primary node. 

Data node

Optional. Enables scale-out of vRealize Operations Manager in larger environments. Data nodes have adapters installed to perform data collection and analysis. Data nodes also host vRealize Operations Manager management packs.

Remote collector node

Overcomes data collection issues across the enterprise network, such as limited network performance. Remote collector nodes gather statistics about inventory objects and forward collected data to the data nodes. Remote collector nodes do not store data or perform analysis.

Types of Node Groups

Analytics cluster

Tracks, analyzes, and predicts the operation of monitored systems. Consists of a primary node, data nodes, and optionally, a primary replica node.

Remote collector group

Consists of remote collector nodes. Only collects diagnostics data without storage or analysis. A vRealize Operations Manager deployment can contain several collector groups.

Use collector groups to achieve adapter resiliency in cases where the collector experiences network interruption or becomes unavailable.