You configure flavor mappings for the vSphere-based cloud accounts in Region A to define and group a set of target deployment sizings.

You configure 5 flavor mappings to define the deployment sizings.
Name Region CPU Count Memory Size
x-small sfo-w01 / sfo-w01-dc01 1 512 MB
small sfo-w01 / sfo-w01-dc01 2 2 GB
medium sfo-w01 / sfo-w01-dc01 8 4 GB
large sfo-w01 / sfo-w01-dc01 8 16 GB
x-large sfo-w01 / sfo-w01-dc01 16 32 GB


  1. In a Web browser, log in to vRealize Automation by using the cloud services console.
    Setting Value
    User name configadmin
    Password vra_configadmin_password
    Domain System Domain
  2. On the main navigation bar, click Services.
  3. In the My services section, click Cloud Assembly.
  4. Click the Infrastructure tab, and select Configure > Flavor mappings.
  5. On the New flavor mapping page, configure the settings and click Create.
    Setting Value
    Flavor name x-small
    Account / region sfo-w01 / sfo-w01-dc01
    Number of CPUs 1
    Memory (MB) 512
  6. Repeat this procedure to create the remaining flavor mappings.