Verify that your environment satisfies the following prerequisites for adding an availability zone to the NSX-T workload domain in a VMware Cloud Foundation environment.

Prerequisite Type


Network connectivity
  • Verify the two management networks for the NSX-T workload domain are stretched across the two availability zones.
  • Verify that all other network communication across the availability zones is over routed Layer 3 connections.

  • Verify that jumbo frames are enabled across the two availability zones.

  • Verify that the round trip latency between the availability zones is less than 5 ms.

Software features

  • Verify that the Management vCenter Server is operational.

  • Verify that the management cluster has vSphere DRS and vSphere HA enabled.

  • Verify that you have the Postman REST client installed.

Installation packages

  • Download the .ova file for the vSAN witness appliance 6.7 Update 3b to the machine where you use the vSphere Client from My VMware.
  • Download the .ova file for the NSX-T Edge 2.5 appliance for VMWare ESXi from My VMware.

Access to the data center

Provide a host virtual machine or a physical server to connect to the SDDC and store software downloads. The host must have access to the Internet and to the ESXi management network.

Network pools Verify that you have a network pool with IP addresses in the vSphere vMotion and vSAN subnets for Availability Zone 2.