The documentation of VMware Validated Design consists of succeeding deliverables for all stages of the SDDC lifecycle. It also provides guidance on implementing several SDDC architectures. Because the changes between subsequent releases of VMware Validated Design are designed for stability and optimal upgrade experience, you can follow guidance from earlier releases until a newer one is available.

Guided Documentation Map

The documentation of VMware Validated Design implements a sequence which reflects the stages for implementing and maintaining an SDDC.

Figure 1. Visual Map of the VMware Validated Design Documentation

VMware Validated Design documentation contains guidance on building and maintaining an SDDC. In addition to the step-by-step SDDC deployment, the documentation addresses most required post-deployment guidance.

After you deploy the SDDC, VMware Validated Design provides several types of post-deployment guidance:

  • Operational guidance
  • Scenarios for using the system according to an IT use case, such as workload provisioning and intelligent monitoring
  • Guidance on adding workload domains with an architecture for VMware software that is additional to the list of required products.

You can also use technical notes to adjust your system to a certain network and data center setup.

For information on the document types, see VMware Validated Design Documentation Structure and Audience. For information on Standard SDDC, Consolidated SDDC, and ROBO SDDC architectures, see VMware Validated Design SDDC Architectures.

Overview of Documentation Delivery

The VMware Validated Design documentation is published in several iterations. At the release date, the core documents that introduce VMware Validate Design and provide guidance on the SDDC design, planning, and deployment become available live. The remaining documents are updated in groups until the entire set is compliant with the Bill of Materials of the VMware Validated Design release.

What's New in VMware Validated Design 5.1

  • Updated Bill of Materials that incorporates new product versions

    See VMware Validated Design 5.1 Release Notes.

  • Integration with VMware Skyline for proactive product diagnostics and technical support as part of the core design and deployment guidance

    You can collect product usage data from your SDDC by deploying Skyline Collector appliances in each region and have it analyzed by the VMware Skyline engine on VMware Cloud Services. VMware can use the analysis to provide proactive, predictive, and prescriptive recommendations for improving the stability and reliability of the environment. You can also review the analysis in the Skyline Advisor Web application.

  • Design and deployment add-on guidance for VMware Enterprise PKS in a VMware NSX-T workload domain as part of VMware Validated Design

    Use this documentation to implement a virtual infrastructure workload domain by using NSX-T as the network virtualization solution and VMware Enterprise PKS as the platform for deploying Kubernetes clusters and provisioning containers on top of vSphere.

  • VMware Validated Design now supports the virtual appliance version of Site Recovery Manager

    The Site Recovery Manager virtual appliance is deployed automatically by VMware Cloud Builder. Starting from this release, setting up a Windows virtual machine for Site Recovery Manager in advance in each region is not required.

  • Recommended maximum latency between SDDC regions is 100 ms

For more information about the Bill of Materials and the features of each VMware Validated Design, see the release notes available on the VMware Validated Design documentation page.

Latest Available Documentation

Use the following documents, available for the latest or earlier release of VMware Validated Design, to design and implement a validated SDDC.

Table 1. Introduction to VMware Validated Designs and Core Documentation for Standard SDDC
Online Documentation Last Available in
Introducing VMware Validated Designs VMware Validated Design 5.1
Architecture and Design
Planning and Preparation
Deployment of Region A
Deployment of Region B
Deployment for Multiple Availability Zones
Table 2. Operational Guidance for Standard SDDC
Online Documentation Latest Available Version
Upgrade VMware Validated Design 5.1
Monitoring and Alerting VMware Validated Design 4.3
Backup and Restore
Site Protection and Recovery
Operational Verification VMware Validated Design 5.0
Certificate Replacement VMware Validated Design 4.3
Table 3. Documentation for Consolidated SDDC
Online Documentation Latest Available Version
Architecture and Design for Consolidated SDDC VMware Validated Design 5.1
Planning and Preparation for Consolidated SDDC
Deployment for Consolidated SDDC
Certificate Replacement VMware Validated Design 4.3
Table 4. Documentation for ROBO SDDC
Online Documentation Latest Available Version
Architecture and Design for ROBO SDDC VMware Validated Design 4.3
Planning and Preparation
Certificate Replacement
Table 5. Scenario Guides
Online Documentation Latest Available Version
Scenarios for IT Automating IT VMware Validated Design 4.3
Scenarios for Intelligent Operations
Table 6. Documentation on Workload Domains with VMware NSX-T
Online Documentation Latest Available Version
Architecture and Design for VMware NSX-T Workload Domains VMware Validated Design 5.1
Deployment of VMware NSX-T Workload Domains
Architecture and Design for VMware Enterprise PKS with VMware NSX-T Workload Domains
Deployment of VMware Enterprise PKS with VMware NSX-T Workload Domains
Table 7. Security and Compliance Documentation
Online Documentation Latest Available Version
Introducing Security and Compliance Version-independent
Security and Compliance Configuration for NIST 800-53 VMware Validated Design 5.1
Compliance Kit for NIST 800-53 VMware Validated Design 5.1
Table 8. Technical Notes on VMware Validated Design
PDF Documentation Latest Available Version
Migrating to VMware Validated Design Version-independent
Deploying VMware Validated Design Using OSPF Dynamic Routing
Extending VMware Validated Design with Multiple Regions
Table 9. Additional Resources on VMware Technology Network
Publication Latest Available Version
Design Decisions Checklist VMware Validated Design 5.1
Visio Diagrams VMware Validated Design 5.1