Development of the VMware Validated Design Compliance Kit for NIST 800-53 R4 included research and development in partnership with the NIST Cybersecurity Center of Excellence. The output is a NIST special publication 1800 series described as the Trusted Cloud Project. That publication showcases a Software-Defined Data Center designed to address NIST 800-53 R4 and the NIST Cybersecurity frameworks.

Trusted Cloud Project

Showcasing the VMware Validated Design with security configurations aligned to NIST 800-53 R4 and the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, the Trusted Cloud Project is published as an 1800 series with three volumes. This Security Practice Guide for VMware Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Environments includes:

The NIST Cybersecurity Center of Excellence describes the importance of the project and its purpose: “[to] demonstrate how the implementation and use of trusted compute pools not only will provide assurance that workloads in the cloud are running on trusted hardware and are in a trusted geolocation, but also will improve the protections for the data within workloads and flowing between workloads.”