Scaling Up and Scaling Out VMware Validated Design provides guidelines for extending the supported number of managed tenant workloads in a software-defined data center (SDDC).

This documentation presents the options available to you to expand the initial scalability limits of a VMware Validated Design™ for Software-Defined Data Center. You might use these options to extend the design to support the scale maximums of the products that are part of VMware Validated Design.

This documentation contains only high-level concepts for the extension options. In many cases, you can reuse the instructions in the available VMware Validated Design documentation to perform the required configuration tasks. However, the step-by-step instructions can be different according to the requirements of your organization. You might also need to add capacity to the management domain as the compute requirements for management increase.

Developing a Reliable Scaling Methodology steps through the elements you should consider during the development of a structured approach to scaling. Scaling Workloads and Compute Capacity and Scaling the Software-Defined Network provide the options for scaling, and their attributes to help in deciding which of these options are best for your environment.


You must have a VMware Validated Design for Software-Defined Data Center 5.1 or later deployed in at least a single region. However, much of the guidance is common to all VMware Validated Design versions. It is still valid if you consider the product maximums for the earlier releases. See the VMware Validated Design documentation page.

Intended Audience

Scaling Up and Scaling Out VMware Validated Design is intended for consultants and architects who have solid understanding of VMware Validated Design for building and managing an SDDC that meets the requirements for capacity and scalability.

Required VMware Software

Scaling Up and Scaling Out VMware Validated Design is compliant with certain product versions according to the version of VMware Validated Design. See VMware Validated Design Release Notes for more information about supported product versions.

Before You Apply This Guidance

The sequence of the documentation of VMware Validated Design™ follows the stages for implementing and maintaining an SDDC. See the VMware Validated Design Documentation page.

To use Scaling Up and Scaling Out VMware Validated Design, you must be acquainted with the following guidance:

  • Introducing VMware Validated Designs
  • VMware Validated Design Architecture and Design
  • VMware Validated Design Planning and Preparation
  • If you perform a clean deployment:
    • VMware Validated Design Deployment of Region A
    • VMware Validated Design Deployment of Region B
    • Optionally VMware Validated Design Deployment of Multiple Availability Zones
  • If you upgrade from an older version of VMware Validated Design, VMware Validated Design Upgrade