As you change the configuration of your management platform to handle the increased scale of your SDDC, you must be aware of the requirements of any signed-certificates used within the management infrastructure.

  • When considering the initial deployment of the management components and the expected future expansion of the system, remember that increasing the number of nodes in a management component cluster might require replacing that signed certificates on that cluster.

  • vRealize Operations Manager validates the certificate of a component on connection.

  • vRealize Automation, vRealize Log Insight, and vRealize Operations Manager all require that each node in their clusters is present in the SAN attributes of their respective signed certificate.

  • As you add new nodes to any of these clusters, either by transitioning from a Consolidated SDDC to Standard SDDC architecture or by scaling up the single-region and dual-region architectures, you must include each new node in the certificate of the relevant cluster, replace the certificate on all original nodes, and install it on the new node.