You plan to deploy more tenant workloads after you have scaled to the maximum of 1,500 workloads for the consolidated domain of the SDDC.


  • Before scaling beyond 1,500 workloads in a Consolidated SDDC, verify that the compute and storage resources (both capacity and IOPs) are sufficient to support the additional workloads without compromising the operational and performance profiles of both the management components and running workloads.

  • Use operations management components, such as vRealize Operations Manager, to determine the usage baseline for the consolidated workload domain.

    • If usage exceeds 80%, you can consider transitioning to a Standard SDDC architecture instead of placing more workloads in the consolidated workload domain.

  • You can add hosts to the Consolidated SDDC. See Adding Hosts to a Workload Domain Cluster.

  • If for operational or performance reasons you decide to transition to a Standard SDDC, add one or more dedicated workload domains to the SDDC.
Figure 1. Transitioning from Consolidated to Standard SDDC