When you deploy an SDDC on VMware Cloud AWS, the configuration of the initial cluster includes reserving resources for the management workloads so that capacity for SDDC infrastructure management is always available.

The initial cluster of the VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC runs both the management applications and provisioned tenant workloads.

Because the SDDC must remain operational even if a resource contention occurs, when VMware Cloud on AWS deploys the SDDC, it reserves resources in the cluster for the management components by creating resource pools. The initial cluster contains two resource pools, Mgmt-ResourcePool and Compute-ResourcePool, and the reservations are set on the management resource pool.

VMware Cloud on AWS assigns the Management Storage Policy to all management virtual machines. To guarantee that management virtual machine always receive all required storage resources, the object space reservation property of the Management Storage Policy is set to thick provisioning.

Table 1. Reservations for the Management Components in the Initial Cluster
Resource Reservation for the Management Resource Pool Reservation for the Compute Resource Pool


73.5 GHz (Expandable)

0 GHz


117 GB (Expandable)

0 GB


11.12 TB

0 TB