To manage and monitor your SDDC on VMware Cloud on AWS that is implemented as Region C in this design, you can configure the on-premises vRealize Operations Manager and vRealize Log Insight instances. With this configuration, you avoid using multiple tools for the different parts of your hybrid environment.

VMware Cloud on AWS Operations Management

VMware Cloud on AWS offloads the majority of operations and management tasks to VMware directly. A limited number of relevant events and alerts are available through the hosted VMware Cloud vCenter Server. In this design, the on-premises analytics cluster vRealize Operations Manager is used to collect and monitor these events and alerts, similarly to how the on-premises vCenter Server instances are monitored.

VMware Cloud on AWS Logging

VMware Log Intelligence is a VMware Cloud service with which you can collect logs from the VMware Cloud on AWS service and associated VMware Cloud services. In this design, you use the on-premises vRealize Log Insight system to collect and aggregate logging data from both VMware Cloud on AWS and on-premises sources.

For forwarding log data that is collected from the SDDC on VMware Cloud on AWS to vRealize Log Insight, you deploy a VMware Cloud Proxy appliance in the on-premises environment.

Figure 1. VMware Cloud Proxy Docker Containers

The VMware Cloud Proxy appliance is comprised of several Docker containers. The Log Intelligence Agent uses the log-forwarder container.