Configure and perform a failover of the management applications in the SDDC from the protected region, Region A, to the recovery region, Region B. Failing over these applications maintains the operational state of the SDDC.

You fail over the following management applications:

  • vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager
  • Analytics cluster of vRealize Operations Manager
  • Primary components of vRealize Automation with embedded vRealize Orchestrator.

    The vSphere Proxy Agents of vRealize Automation is not failed over. Deploy a separate pair of agents in region B in an application isolated network.

Table 1. Support for Failover of the SDDC Management Applications
Management Component Supports Failover
vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager Yes
vRealize Operations Manager analytics nodes Yes
vSphere proxy agents No
vRealize Automation appliance Yes
Microsoft SQL server Yes
IaaS Components Yes