Setting up a Windows client virtual machine requires installing components such as VMware Horizon View Client and View Planner agent.


  1. Create a base Windows 10 / 7 VM.
  2. Shut down the VM.
  3. Open the .vmx file of the VM and add the monitor_control.pseudo_perfctr = "1" entry to the file .

    This entry provides access of the host timer, which is more accurate than the VM timer.

  4. Install the VMware Horizon View Client.
  5. Disable the Identity server Certification check
    1. Open VMware Horizon View Client.
    2. Click Tools option on the top right corner.
    3. click configure SSL.
    4. Select Do not verify server identity certificates option.
  6. Disable auto lock, auto sleep and screen saver.
  7. Install View Planner agent on the VM using viewplanner-agent-version.msi.
  8. Enter the harness IP when prompted.

    The view planner agent process must have access to read and write registry without windows UAC prompts. Disable windows UAC, if necessary.

  9. If you are using userExperienceProfile work profile, setup the workload using steps in Setting Up the User Experience Workloads .
  10. Shut down the VM and take a snapshot.
  11. Create a desktop Sysprep/QuickPrep customization script using vCenter Server.

    This script is used while creating clones from golden client VM. Customization script must enable auto-login using an admin account.