View Planner has a user experience workloads that quantifies user experience.


  1. Install view planner agent in golden client VM and make sure that the agent is running.
    • User Experience workload is supported with only Windows 10 client and desktop.

    • User Experience workload can be used only with remote mode runs.

  2. Power on the view planner harness.
  3. Run this command from view planner command tool to pull vp_scrolland vp_WindowDragDropworkload from harness to golden client VM:

    workload --pull vp_scroll_1.0 --vmprefix golden_VM_prefix --count 1 --infraServer infra_server_name

    workload --pull vp_WindowDragDrop_1.0 --vmprefix golden_VM_prefix --count 1 --infraServer infra_server_name

    Due to the large size, user experience workloads are not provided by default in agent and must be pulled from harness in golden client VM, if necessary.