You can use the help command to get a list of available commands and helpcommand_name to get the command details.

  • Command to add an infra server:

    infraServer -a unique_name -t vcenter -i IP --datacenter datacenter_name -d domain -u user_name

  • Command to add an identity server:

    identityServer -a domain_name -t microsoft_ad -i IP -u user_name

  • Command to add a VDI server:

    vdiServer -a unique_name -t view -i IP -d vdi_user_domain -u user_name

  • Command to add custom workloads:

    workload -a name -v version

  • Command to add workProfile:

    workProfile --add name --description description --addWorkloads workload_names_separated_by_comma

  • Commands to Add runProfile:

    runProfile -a name --runMode <local/remote> --VMcount VM_count --iterCount iteration_count --description run_profile_descriptionn

    workGroup -a name --runProfile run_rofile_name --domain identity_server_name --workProfile work_profile_name --percent 100 --displayProtocol <pcoip/blast/rdp> --deskType <vdi/direct_connect/rdsh_desk/rdsh_apps>

    workGroup --addDesk work_group_name --runProfile run_profile_name --prefix desktop_pool_prefix --infraServer infra_server_name --vdiServer vdi_server_name

  • Commands to start and track run:

    run --start run_profile_name --instance unique_run_instance_name

    run --status

  • Command to generate the report:

    report --generate --instance run_instance_name --format <pdf/txt> --mode <local/remote> --begin first_iteration_number_starting_from_1 --end last_iteration_number

  • Commands to get a log bundle from harness:

    run --getLogs run_instance_name

  • Command to pull new workloads from harness:

    workload --pull workload_name --vmprefix VM_prefix --count 1 --infraServer infra_server_name