View Planer fails to search and prepare desktops and client VMs during view planner run.


This issue can occur due to misconfigured test virtual machines (desktops and clients).


  1. Make sure that view planner agent is installed in client and desktop virtual machines.
  2. Check if auto login is enabled in client and desktop virtual machines.
  3. Make sure that VM prefix provided during the run profile creation matches the virtual machine prefix.

    If you are using VMware Horizon View pool virtual machines, VM prefix provided should match the pool prefix.

  4. If virtual machines are failing to boot within time limit due to the high resource usage in the host machine, try reducing VM reboot rate using key vm_reboot_rate_per_minute, For details see Advanced Configuration.
  5. Make sure desktop and clients can ping the harness and vice versa. Check if there are any connection errors reported in view planner command prompt window in desktop and clients.
  6. Check if necessary ports are open, see View Planner Port Requirements.