When new versions of VMware Identity Manager Desktop are released, you copy and install the zip file from the VMware Downloads page to each VMware Identity Manager virtual appliance in your deployment. You run the check-client-updates.pl command to deploy the installer files and restart the Tomcat service on each virtual appliance.


  • Users must have administrator privileges on their computers to install and automatically update the VMware Identity Manager Desktop application. If users do not have administrator privileges, you can use software distribution tools to distribute and update the application to your users.
  • Schedule adding these installer files to the VMware Identity Manager virtual appliances during a maintenance window since the virtual appliance is restarted and this might interrupt user access.


  1. Download the VMware Identity Manager Desktop zip file from the My VMware Downloads page to a computer that can access the VMware Identity Manager virtual appliance.
  2. Copy the zip file to a temporary location in the virtual appliance. For example:
    scp filen.n.n-nnnnnnn.zip root@identitymanager-va.com:/tmp/
  3. Log in to the virtual appliance as the root user.
  4. Unzip and install the new zip file to the Downloads directory.
    /usr/local/horizon/scripts/ check-client-updates.pl --install --clientfile /tmp/ file.n.n.n-nnnnn.zip

    This script automatically unzips the file and copies the VMware Identity Manager Desktop installer file for the Windows computers to the /opt/vmware/horizon/workspace/webapps/ROOT/client directory. It automatically updates to the /opt/vmware/horizon/workspace/webapps/ROOT/client/cds directory, and updates the URL parameter value for the downloads link.

  5. Restart the Tomcat service on the virtual appliance.
  6. Repeat these steps for each VMware Identity Manager virtual appliance in your environment.
    Users can download the Identity Manager Desktop application from their VMware Identity Manager accounts or via the download link, https:// IdentityManagerFQDN/download. Users' Identity Manager Desktop applications are automatically updated when they download the new version.