The VMware Identity Manager connector accesses Web services on the Internet. If your network configuration provides Internet access through an HTTP proxy, you must adjust the proxy settings on the VMware Identity Manager connector.

Note: Enable your proxy to handle only Internet traffic. To ensure that the proxy is set up correctly, set the parameter for internal traffic to no-proxy within the domain.


  1. Use a browser to go to the VMware Identity Manager connector admin pages at https://connectorhostname:8443/cfg/login.
  2. Log in with the connector admin user password.
  3. Click Proxy Configuration.
  4. Select Enable.
  5. In the Proxy host with port text box, enter the proxy server host name and port.
    For example:
  6. In the Non-proxied hosts field, enter the hosts that the connector can access without going through the proxy server.
    Use a comma to separate a list of host names.
  7. Click Save.