After you install the VMware Identity Manager Connector, go to the URL listed on the confirmation page of the installation wizard, https://connectorhostname:8443, and complete the connector setup wizard.

In the setup wizard, you enter the connector activation code and set passwords.



  1. Open a browser window and go to the URL https://connectorhostname:8443.
    For example,
    The Welcome page appears.

    setup wizard welcome page

  2. Click Continue.
  3. In the Set Passwords page, create a password for the connector admin user, which will be used to access the connector admin pages.
    Then click Continue.

    set connector admin user password

  4. In the Activate Connector page, enter the connector activation code, then click Continue.

    enter connector activation code

  5. If prompted, copy and paste the Workspace ONE Access instance's Intermediate (if used) and Root CA certificates into the Root CA Certificate text box.
    If the Workspace ONE Access instance has a certificate from an internal CA or from a public CA that is not commonly used, you are prompted for the certificate to establish trust between the connector and the Workspace ONE Access instance. You can view the certificate on the Workspace ONE Access instance’s Dashboard > System Dashboard > VA Configuration > Install SSL Certificates > Server Certificate page. When you copy and paste the certificate, make sure you include the BEGIN CERTIFICATE and END CERTIFICATE lines.


A Setup is Complete message appears when the connector is activated successfully. The VMware Identity Manager connector installation is now complete.

What to do next

  • Configure proxy settings for the VMware Identity Manager connector, if required.
  • Log in to the VMware Identity Manager console to configure the connector.