When the VMware Identity Manager Connector certificate expires, you update the certificate on the connector admin pages at https://connetorFQDN:8443/cfg/ssl.


Obtain updated server and intermediate certificates from the CA before the currently valid certificates expire.


  1. Log in to the connector admin configuration page as the admin user, enter, https://connectorFGDN:8443/cf/login.
  2. Select Install SSL Certificates > Server Certificate.
  3. In the SSL Certificate text box, select Custom Certificate.
  4. To import the file, click Choose File and navigate to the certificate file to import.
    For PEM files, make sure that the file includes the entire certificate chain in the correct order. Everything between and including the lines -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- and -----END CERTIFICATE---- must be included.
  5. If a PEM file is imported, import the private key, Private Key. Everything between ----BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY and ---END RSA PRIVATE KEY must be included.
    If a PFX file is imported, enter the pfx password.
  6. Click Save.
    The service is restarted and the certificate is updated.